Round Glass Patterns (Custom-Sized To Your Opening)

When it come to our oval and round glass design patterns, they can fit any size opening around your home or office, however, since the dimensions of round openings can vary so widely, these patterns will require you to take measurements (we can guide you in this) of the exact space the pattern should be sized to.

As with all of our other patterns, we will then ship the full-sized printed pattern to you whereupon you can build with ease.

Oval & Round Decorative Glass Adds Flair To Any Space

Remember, our glass patterns are overlaid on top of your existing glass, so all dimensions of your existing round or oval opening can stay exactly the same as they are now.

Interested in discussing one of our round or oval patterns in more detail, or wish to discuss a custom creation designed just for you? Feel free to get in touch via phone at (804) 798-8806, or the contact form below at the base of this page.

Please Call for Purchase Of Any Of Our Patterns Shown Below 804-798-8806


Oval Harris

17.25” x 28.63”

Sleepy Hollow

18" x 36"


Traditional Bevel ½ Round

16" x 32"

Traditional Fleur de Lis

Walter – 22.5” x 23


Chandler Gagne Ellipse

66.5” x 18.75”

Lighthouse Britton ½ Round

58.5” x 27.25”


28” x 28”

Round Sun and Moon

32" x 32"

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Please Note: Purchased Designs are to be used for personal use only. No Studio or Commercial application is permitted. No alterations or modifications of the design can be made. Purchased Designs are only to be used for the construction of a decorative glass panel. Our Designs may not be resold or used by anyone other than the purchaser of said design(s). The Purchaser of any design represents that he or she is not involved in any commercial enterprise which will result in the misappropriation or use of this design(s) beyond the limitations above.