Purchase Any of Our Stained Glass Pattern Guides And Have Them Printed Full-Size And Delivered Right To Your Door

Interested in creating one of our glass designs at home? All of our designs are available for sale and come fully delivered with a full-size pre-printed template you can lay flat to perfectly guide you each step of the way. 

Our patterns are only designed to be made with the copper foil/hand leaded technique of stained glass.

Once you’ve made your purchase you will receive a Promo Code to shop at a discount from our supplies partner, Rainbow Art Glass. They sell the bevel clusters you will need to make the designs that include bevel clusters. You can also use your glass of choice in lieu of bevels. The item number for the bevel cluster will be sent to you after the purchase of the pattern. In addition, you may purchase supplies as well, however, a bevel cluster purchase is required in addition to any supplies you may need. Rainbow Art Glass can be found at www.ShopRainbowArtGlass.com

Take Our Award-Winning Designs and Bring Them To Life At Home Or In Your Studio

Our easy-to-use templates now allow hobbyists and stained glass art enthusiasts to create our same designs at home. To get started, feel free to view our available patterns below.

Interested in something you don't see here? We're happy to discuss any custom design you may have in mind. 

Here's How It Works!

To get started, choose the pattern below you would like to purchase. Be sure to note it's specific Pattern Name. Once chosen, click the Order Now button at the base of the page and it will take you to a secure check-out form where you can enter your payment information, pattern number, and address where we should ship your full-sized printed pattern and instructions.

Window Patterns

Please Call for Purchase Of Any Of Our Patterns Shown Below 804-798-8806

$85 Per Window Pattern. (Cost Includes Full-Sized Printed Guide Pattern)

Craftsman Homearama

20" x 20"

Traditional Gates

21” x 14.63”

Traditional Fleur de Lis Alex

22" x 28"

Traditional Varina

26" x 14"

Craftsman Evans

12" x 32"

Chandler Martin

9” x 28”

Complex Window Patterns

$85 Per Window Pattern. (Cost Includes Full-Sized Printed Guide Pattern)

Chandler Blue

24”x 48”

Fleur de Lis Emrich

26” x 52”

Traditional Hunt

22” x 50”

Autumn Leaves

24” x 48”

Transom Patterns

$85 Per Transom Pattern. (Cost Includes Full-Sized Printed Guide Pattern)

Sun and Star

32” x 10”

Craftsman Farrell

32" x 9"

Traditional Venos

32” x 10”

Traditional Murphy

28” x 9”

Complex Transom Patterns

$85 Per Complex Transom Pattern. (Cost Includes Full-Sized Printed Guide Pattern)

Craftstman Shaw

52" x 10.5"

Chandler Dolan

36” x 15"

Traditional Maher

10.19” x 36.75”

Blackstone Birds

6.63” x 42.69”

Hummingbird Driskel

10" x 32"

Sidelight Patterns

$85 Per Sidelight Pattern. (Cost Includes Full-Sized Printed Guide Pattern)

Traditional Candalosi 

6' x 62”


6” X 63”

Fleur-de-Lis Browne

7” X 35”

Traditional Blackstone

5.75" x 52.75"

Sidelight Complex Patterns

$99 Per Complex Sidelight Pattern. (Cost Includes Full-Sized Printed Guide Pattern)

Craftsman Baxter

7.5" x 62”

Chandler Wheeler

7.19” x 67.25”


7” x 63”

Craftsman Barnaby

7” x 35”

Door Patterns

$129 Per Door Pattern. (Cost Includes Full-Sized Printed Guide Pattern)

Craftsman Patriot

22” x 26”

Traditional Devries

22” x 48”

Traditional Entry Walker

26” x 64”

Traditional Ambrosi Study

26” x 63”

Door Patterns Complex

$129 Per Complex Door Pattern. (Cost Includes Full-Sized Printed Guide Pattern)


21" x 63"

Cotswold Pyle

25.5” x 50”

Bird Heron

20.75” x 46.75”

Contemporary Fish

19” x 63”

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With one of our full-size printed guide patterns in hand you'll be ready to begin creating beautiful art on your own, but don't forget the colored glass you'll need for your plan. We proudly partner with Rainbow Art Glass who offers a 20% Discount to you on all of the glass you'll need for any of our patterns.

Please Note: Purchased Designs are to be used for personal use only. No Studio or Commercial application is permitted. No alterations or modifications of the design can be made. Purchased Designs are only to be used for the construction of a decorative glass panel. Our Designs may not be resold or used by anyone other than the purchaser of said design(s). The Purchaser of any design represents that he or she is not involved in any commercial enterprise which will result in the misappropriation or use of this design(s) beyond the limitations above.